What can birds eat during the winter months when they live in the north and have to endure many months of snow and cold weather?  Well, there are fruit bearing trees and shrubs that can meet some of their needs as well as plants that provide seeds.  So, I'd recommend that if you want to enjoy seeing birds in your yard year-round, make certain your yard has many of these plantings that can be a food source during the winter months.

Or, buy lots of birdseed, nuts, fruit and put it outdoors for the birds.  Robins no longer migrate South and have been wintering in NJ for a number of years.  They hit up our Holly Trees when the berries are ripe and the ground is covered in snow making it difficult for them to find bugs.   

Most other birds will enjoy the seed as long as it's a good mix of many varieties. 

Plan ahead when you are landscaping or buying plants, not just for beauty but for the bounty they provide our feathered friends and you will be able to enjoy birds year-round.


12/04/2016 11:39pm


12/04/2016 11:52pm

Our GOD is the most beneficial and merciful and He'll definitely makes some way of any problem not only for us, but also for the animals and all the living creatures in that world.

01/08/2017 10:29am

There are a lot of winter berries that birds can eat. Despite this I gave them seeds.

07/06/2017 1:17am

I will do all that! I want to see birds the whole year in my yard!

08/11/2017 12:17am

I'm always trying not to forget to feed birds at winter! They need our help so much!


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    Jacqueline Totten is a bird lover whose backyard is a true haven for many different wild birds, squirrels, deer, rabbits, fox and an occasional bear.  She keeps the local Feed & Grain in business during the winter months with the amount of bird seed purchased.


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