The temp this morning is well below freezing and the birds are flocking to the feeders to enjoy a morning meal.  Glad we have plenty of seed and have ensured our feeders are clean and ready for the onslaught.

The squirrels are also enjoying the peanuts we place in their "nut house" and of course we through seed on the ground for them as well as the ground feeding mourning doves and other birds.

It look like it will be a long winter so if you want to continue to keep your yard as a haven for birds, then provide them shelter, feed and water and you will see them all winter long.



04/02/2015 1:09am

I love this name for feeder :) "nut house" lol I have just a birdbath with feeder near my summerhouse. Very easy-to-use!

01/08/2017 10:32am

This is a real banquet for birds. Well done!


My grandma always feeds birds at winter in her yard! They are waiting for her every morning!

07/01/2017 2:50am

How does that nut house for squirrels looks like? Can you show it somehow?


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08/01/2017 8:00pm

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    Jacqueline Totten is a bird lover whose backyard is a true haven for many different wild birds, squirrels, deer, rabbits, fox and an occasional bear.  She keeps the local Feed & Grain in business during the winter months with the amount of bird seed purchased.


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