It's that time of year when we should prepare our bird houses for winter.  You'll want to clean them out (best to wear gloves) and then put them back out as they make a great place for birds to seek shelter during snow storms.

You will also want to consider putting up roosting boxes (idenified with holes at the bottom of the house as opposed to the top) so that birds can seek shelter during storms.

And, get your feeders ready by making sure they are clean and ready for seed.  Just wash well with soap and water and let them dry.

We also make sure our birdbaths are scrubbed clean using bleach and water and then we rinse very well to eradicate any bleach from the bath.  You will want to be sure to purchase an inexpensive but invaluable birdbath heater by clicking on the link embedded HERE.  You can find more resources for birdbaths HERE.



Prepare for winter as it is one of the most favorite season of many children's and people as well. And that winters also brings us the beautiful event of Christmas with itself.

01/08/2017 10:35am

Winter is coming like one character always reply. Yes. You should be prepared.


Hmm, you are probably right. October is a perfect month for that task.

07/24/2017 12:55am

These are all great tips for those who own birds as pets! I have my own hummingbird and her name is Sasha. I got her for my eighteenth birthday because I've always wanted to have a pet since I was nine years old, but my mom always refuses to get me one because she thinks I wouldn't be able to balance my schoolwork and my responsibility as a pet owner. Now that I am off to college, I finally get to have one! I've always wanted a dog, but figured it would be too much of a responsibility since I know I will be very busy at the university so I asked my father for a bird instead. I read that hummingbirds are not much of a work because you can just leave them a bowl of water and food and they'll be good to go. I don't have a bird house for her outside our home because we don't leave her there during the winter time. She has her own bird house inside our living room so she can keep herself warm during the winter, but I will definitely do all of the tips you have shared if ever I make her one.


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