No photo today, too sad at the carnage at the birdfeeders.  First feathers all over the ground underneath one of our feeders, could have been caused by a fox or hawk as both have been trolling the area looking for an easy target.

Then, sadly, a woodpecker was attacked at one of our finch tube feeders that is surrounded by a cage raised 6 feet up off of the ground and surrounded by a cage to keep out predators.

The woodpecker must have just landed on the cage part of the feeder and appeared to have either gotten his foot caught in the cage or grabbed on tight when he was and was attacked and killed, left dangling from his broken foot on the feeder.  Most definately the work of one of the red tail hawks.  Not sure how to deter them from attacking the birds while they are feeding.

Any suggestions or ideas?


01/08/2017 10:37am

If this is a fox you can raise up the feeders. If it is a hawk I don't know what to do./

01/31/2017 5:44pm

I rememeber that birds are one of my chosen animals as a pet because they are easy small and they are so amazing to look at. I will surley be amazed on the future post that will be posted here and I will wait patiently. A reading for the bird lovers indeed.

06/07/2017 2:34am


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