Look who visited the feeders today (and everyday).  This youngster makes a daily visit to eat seed that has fallen onto the ground as well as eat directly out of the feeder.  His antlers are growing in and his coat is beautiful and shiny.  Love seeing this fellow each and every day.

Do you have yard visitors that feast on birdseed that falls onto the ground?  We'd love to hear you share stories so feel free to share with our birding community.



09/06/2016 4:07am

The picture of this little fellow dear is so cute and I really love to have such lovely pet. Everyone must love the animals like the way you do because they have no language to express their feeing.


I have no visitors because I have no yard( But I like feeding animals on the streets!


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    Jacqueline Totten is a bird lover whose backyard is a true haven for many different wild birds, squirrels, deer, rabbits, fox and an occasional bear.  She keeps the local Feed & Grain in business during the winter months with the amount of bird seed purchased.


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