Well, here they are nearly fully grown but still lovingly looked after by their proud parents.  All six have survived despite the ominous presence of a menacing snapping turtle.  Wondering how much longer the goslings will stay with their parents before flying off on their own.



09/09/2016 2:57am

The birds are goslings to stay with your parents and parents are love and care of your children. This picture is really awesome and I like such type of post and appreciate you for capture this picture.

10/23/2017 11:35pm

That is a nice picture of a family. Even animals know the value of family. I think they can survive because they are all together and they'll help each other. I hope that they'll fly together. Thank you for the update, it is rare to see someone care for small animals.


They look so adorable and I am really amazed. I am hoping they will stay as a family a little longer. I am hoping as well that goslings will be with their parents and do not fly off. This is the best family picture I had ever seen so far and well except for my family’s picture, of course. Like the other families, they know how to value and care for each other. They just proved the saying that a family that sticks together stays together. I am wishing all the best for this family.


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