It's been a long time coming for this long-mated pair of Canadian Geese.  They have been nesting in our neighborhood pond for years.  And each Spring they build  a nest in a great spot right next to the waterfall/damn where it would be difficult for predators to find.  But, neighbors nearby have been addling the eggs (with a permit) for years, because they do not want the pond overrun by geese and their droppings.

So, the sad tale has been this pair has never experienced the joy of seeing their eggs hatch and then raising their young...............until this year.

I am so happy to share the photo of the babies and one of their parents with you.  They were running away from me as I was trying to capture their photo but you can see the goslings are growing up so fast.  I am delighted by the sight of this family. The parents are so so proud and are keeping their young ones close. 

Just a delightful late Spring day to see this happy family in our pond.



02/13/2017 8:13am

That's so cute post. why don't you have them as a pet, would have them but no nearby pond. Anyhow thanks for sharing such a cute post

11/29/2017 7:08pm

Just like you, I am happy to see that these Canadian Geese having a great time during Spring. This season gives a lot of life to everyone, especially for the animals because they get to enjoy what our nature has to offer! We need to protect each and every animal that we see in our environment so that they will multiply and will be back in a place where they are comfortable at. These geese are definitely happy swimming with their little ones.

02/14/2017 5:10am

It's lovely to know that geese finally have had their family. the image look adorable and i hope the family to have a happy life with each other. A really nice sweet and touchy share.

07/02/2017 7:34am

This is the cutest photo that I've ever seen. I wish we had a pond close to our house too. My dream is to have a barn and to pet animals. I really love animals since I was a kid. Now I'm saving up money to buy a place where I can start a place to pet different kinds of animals.

03/15/2017 4:27am

This pond looks amazing now. It's such a beatiful spot to visit! I love it.

02/08/2018 6:58am

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