Very sad news today,  a black bear came into our yard and proceeded to destroy the bird feeders.  Not content with the seed, he went for the occupied birdhouse that was hanging from a tree.  He pulled it down, made off with it and then ripped it apart eating the occupants.  So very sad.

I know this is nature, but damn, he had his fill of seed, gosh darn it.  Now what can we do?

No more seed out for awhile in the hopes he'll not return.

So very sad.  Any suggestions as to how we can deter his return and protect our remaining birdhouses and occupants?

Will research and report back soon.



01/30/2017 10:18pm

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That's unfortunate to hear! I am so sorry for your loss, but you have to forgive the bear. It is their nature to kill so you can't really blame them for doing so. I suggest that the next time you adopt a bird, have them placed in a bird cage inside your house. This will lessen the possibility that they will be killed by another animal. You can let them loose in a room so that they can fly around.

08/31/2017 10:30pm

It is very sad that the bear destroyed the birdhouse and killed the birds. However, there is nothing we could do about it now because that is the instinct of the bear. I did think of one solution. How about building a fence so that the bear wouldn’t be able to enter your premises. I know it will be expensive, but that is only my suggestion. Bears are carnivores and we can’t change that. You can also try to call animal control, just in case you have sighted the bear again.

03/04/2017 11:55am

This is a very sad news. You got to face it because they really act that way. That's the predator and prey relationship in action and you just saw it. It may be sad but that's what happens in the wild. Maybe you could work on some higher fences so that the bear could not get to on your yard.

08/31/2017 10:23pm

so sad


It was a heartbreaking news. Ever since I really love bears because they were so lovely and adorable. But we are all informed that bears can do wild things. I am really sad for what happened to your birds. You could build a barrier so that next time bears can't go to your property. You can also just take what happened as a lesson.


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