This monarch butterfly is enjoying the nectar from this fragrant flowering Abelia bush.  The bush attracts many bees, butterflies, hummingbirds each year when it is blooming from June through October. The flowers on this bush are so wonderfully fragrant, the scent wafts through our windows so that we may enjoy the scent indoors as well as while we're in the yard. 

And, below in a photo is a baby hummingbird enjoying a meal from this same Abelia.  Our cell phone camera was not able to capture the image as clearly as we would have liked so we shall try again and update the image when we see this little guy again.


Look at the beautiful songbird stamps the US Post Office is now selling.    They feature many songbirds including the Mountain Bluebird, Western Meadowlark, Baltimore Oriole, Painted Bunting, Scarlet Tanger, American Goldfinch, White-Throated Sparrow, Western Tanger, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak and the Evening Grosbeak.  Sadly, our favorite, the Wren, is missing from these forever stamps.  But, these colorful songbirds will brighten up each letter you send all the while reminding us that we are blessed to be surrounded by such glorious creatures of song.

Check out the party the birds are having this morning at our feeders.  There are birds on each perch as well as some on top of the feeders awaiting their turn to land and feed and some more fluttering about.  This festive sight occurs each morning and brings a smile as we watch the birds go through their daily ritual.

Look at our bountiful viburnum bush and the berries that have bursted forth from the lovely white flowers that adorned the bushes in May.  The birds are so excited as they inspect the bushes daily to determine the ideal time to begin feasting.

When you have the foresight to plant flowering bushes and plants in your yard, you will not only realize a feast for your eyes in terms of beauty and bounty but provide much appreciated food for your feathered friends.  They will make your yard their home and provide much joy.

These cows are clumped together sort of like a bouquet.  They graze on 220 acres of land just down the road a bit and it's so enjoyable to watch them move from field to field with their young calves.  Today rain is threatening and so, instead of shading themselves beneath some of the trees in the pasture, they are instead  huddled together.  Some are relaxing, some are socializing, typical cow stuff. 

It was very hot and humid over the weekend in NJ and this birdbath got a lot of action.  All's quiet now, but on Saturday, the birds were having a pool party.  While we were not fast enough to capture the action with our camera, let's describe the scene for you.

Five birds flew to the birdbath immediately after we refilled it with fresh water.  There they all splashed together in the water for a long while, letting the cool water get into their feathers, splishing and splashing about knocking much of the fresh water onto the ground.

No worries, we refilled the bath when they were done so that on this hot summer's day, there would be plenty of fresh water for the birds to drink and even splish splash some more.

Well these goslings are very nearly fully grown yet still tenderly looked after by their proud parents.  All six managed to survive the dreaded snapping turtle and are thriving in our ponds. 

The proud parents tried for years and years to have their own flock yet neighbors living across from the ponds obtained permits for addling the eggs so that these geese were denied having babies.  This year that did not happen and these geese parents are so so happy to have their own goslings to nurture and love. 

Everytime I see these geese, I smile with joy and I hope you do  as well:)

Summer is in full swing and it's hot out there, so make sure your birds have plenty of fresh clean water to drink.  This time of year especially, birds visit our many bird baths often and so we find that we're refreshing/changing the water several times per day.  It's so much fun to see the birds drinking, many times several at one time and the bird bath featured in this photo seems to be their favorite.  They often take a bath and splash around really enjoying the cool water on their feathers.  So, if you are a bird lover and enjoy watching them, be sure to have plenty of fresh water for them to enjoy.

So, if you are in need of water sources for your birds please check out our birdbath recommendations by clicking here.



    Jacqueline Totten is a bird lover whose backyard is a true haven for many different wild birds, squirrels, deer, rabbits, fox and an occasional bear.  She keeps the local Feed & Grain in business during the winter months with the amount of bird seed purchased.


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