Spring is nearly here and we can hardly wait given the long cold winter we survived in the Northeast.  It is time to get your bird houses in shape for birds who will be soon seeking nesting  houses.

Just take each house, open it up and clean it out so that it is ready to accept a new nesting pair.  We find that the same pairs seek the same house out each year to make their nests and birds do have "favorite" houses.  Our most popular bird houses are the ones that are up on top of a post.  They are well away from branches and the ground making it more difficult for predators (racoons, bears, snakes) to reach the nests. 

Also, you will want to scrub your birdbaths with bleach and water and make sure you've scrubbed away any scum buildup that may have occurred over the winter.

And, same for the feeders.  Our feeders really got a workout over this winter and we continue to feed the birds throughout the Spring so that they can focus on having their young and not having to worry as much about food sources.  It's important for the health of the birds that the feeders are clean and well maintained.

Enjoy.  You'll hear the tender chirping of young birds in a few weeks.



    Jacqueline Totten is a bird lover whose backyard is a true haven for many different wild birds, squirrels, deer, rabbits, fox and an occasional bear.  She keeps the local Feed & Grain in business during the winter months with the amount of bird seed purchased.


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